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Software Compliance Testing

The purpose of this section is to define "compliance" with respect to the NTDS Version 1.0 Dataset.

Compliance or Compliant

The term compliance (or “compliant”) refers to implementation of the XML and XSD schemes that accurately define the dataset.  Implementation tools (available on this website) may be used to ensure proper deployment of the XML and XSD schemes.

The National Trauma Data Bank

A trauma registry data system is defined as any software associated with trauma data collection that provides a mechanism to collect, document, analyze, or otherwise store and use data associated with an injury event. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Hospital-based trauma registries
  • State (or Territory) - based trauma data repositories
  • Private or "home-grown" software programs developed for purposes defined above  
  • Trauma data quality management or reporting systems.

Compliance, Validation and Marketing

Currently no formal compliance testing process exists. However, software developers are encouraged to consult with the NTDB office about submitting test cases to ensure that submitted data validate. Please be sure to visit the Development Tools section of this website to download the current software development kit (SDK). Additional assistance from the NTDB office can be obtained by contacting:

Melanie L. Neal
Manager, NTDB
American College of Surgeons
633 N. St. Clair
Chicago IL 60611
312 202 5536 Phone
312 202 5015 Fax