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ACS Expert Panel

The following individuals were on the American College of Surgeons Expert Panel
to develop the National Trauma Data Standard:
A team of medical professionals.

The Expert Panel

  • David Clark, MD, ACS
  • David Hoyt, MD, ACS
  • Fred Millham, MD, ACS
  • John Fildes, MD, ACS
  • Rich Fantus, MD, ACS
  • Wayne Meredith, MD, ACS
  • Alyssa Keefe, AHA
  • Michelle Pomphrey, ATS
  • Richard Hunt, MD, CDC
  • Cheryl Anderson, HRSA
  • Terry Mullins, HRSA
  • Mary Beachley, MIEMSS
  • Keith Parker, MS EMS/Trauma System
  • Bob O'Connor, MD, NAESMP
  • Jon Krohmer, MD, NAESMP
  • Clay Mann, Ph.D., NEMSIS
  • Greg Mears, MD, NEMSIS
  • Karen Guice, MD, NTRC
  • Laura Cassidy, Ph.D., NTRC
  • Sharon Schiro, Ph.D., State of NC
  • Mary Kate Fitzpatrick, STN